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Unlocking the SUCCESS Code

  • ENABLING your teams to consistently exceed key business goals or targets
  • INSPIRING your people to effectively deliver critical corporate strategies
  • ADVISING you on successfully hitting your personal or professional goals
Steve McNicholas
Best selling Author, Speaker and Founder of Moldan Consulting
  • A FREE electronic copy of the the best-selling book 'Recipe for Success' that Steve co-authored with the legendary Jack Canfield!
  • The powerful DART-board Assessment and Goal System Toolkit for consistently achieving your personal and professional goals
  • Our bi-monthly 'Code-Byte' newsletter full of hints, tips and ideas to help you succeed, achieve and win!

My name is Steve McNicholas and I want to personally welcome you to our website at Moldan Consulting.


Through our various programmes, keynote speaking and group seminars, we look to help all our clients, from individuals to large corporates, to understand and then Unlock the SUCCESS Code in order to:

  • Meet and exceed your key business goals, commercial targets and strategic objectives;

  • Engage and inspire your team or business to effectively deliver on your key business strategies;

  • Support and develop key leaders and managers within your business to consistently deliver in role;

  • Understand and then progress towards success in your personal, business and career aspirations.

If this is your first time visiting this website, then I recommend you download your FREE Success Bundle above, which includes a FREE copy of my best selling book and a great toolkit to help you successfully and consistently set the right goals for you, and then build a powerful system to achieve them.

I hope you can find what you need on the various pages of the website but please do not hesitate to get in touch using the various options at the bottom of each page.  Thanks for visiting and keep winning!


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