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Moldan Consulting Limited

The Annexe Buildings

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Telephone: 01394 825782

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Individual Coaching
Please see below for details of the only one-to-one coaching programme that is currently in the schedule for this year.  If you would like to work with Steve at an individual level and benefit from a set of scheduled discussions to explore your progress through the SUCCESS Code, understanding and applying each of the seven code-blocks and discussing the personal impact on you and your goal attainment, please see the Programme Overview below.
Unlocking the SUCCESS Code: Individual Coaching Programme
A series of eight coaching sessions typically scheduled monthly but these can be shortened or extended upon each individual clients progress or requirements, subject to Steve's availability and time zone impacts. This programme is restricted to a maximum of twelve clients at any one time.
The programme involves a set of eight one hour coaching sessions with Steve, where understanding and then application of the SUCCESS Code is discussed plus discussion on previous actions agreed.  For a more detailed summary, please use the link button below the programme image to download a Programme Overview or get in touch with us by using the contact details below.