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About Steve
What is it with those brown envelopes?

I know what fear, uncertainty and doubt feel like and how they can dominate your every thought in your personal or your professional and business life. 


At several points in my life and in my career, I have felt and experienced many difficult and challenging situations.  For me, these moments were often preceeded by the arrival of a brown envelope!

Despite a wonderful opportunity, I failed at formal education.  My awful exam grades were delivered to me in a brown envelope.  I had wasted a wonderful opportunity and at seventeen years of age, I faced an uncertain future.


Yet 'something' kicked in. I found a purpose. I was clear on what I was going to do and how. Momentum began and never stopped. Fast forward two decades to 2008 and the global financial crisis.  Banks went bust overnight and the one I was at was one of them. With a family and two young children, another brown envelope brought fear, doubt and uncertainty again.


In difficult times, things had to change or I would fail. When I changed the way I was looking at things, the things I looked at changed! I stepped out of my comfort zone and that 'something' kicked in again. Another decade of growth, success and achievement followed. 


In 2018, the business I was leading had delivered incredible growth and we were successfully acquired. Yes, you guessed it, another brown envelope was on its way bringing more change. What is it with those brown envelopes?  Yet this time, things were different. 


After a decade of researching, reviewing and distilling what the leading global influencers on success, achievement and performance were advocating, plus reflecting upon my own journey over three decades in business, I created the SUCCESS Code.  My mission since has been to help all people unlock the Code for themselves and their teams, helping to create winners in life and business.


Steve has spent many years developing his interest, research and passion for personal development and achievement.  His personal mission statement is to 'inform, inspire and maximise the potential in all - unlocking the SUCCESS Code to help develop winners in life and business'.

After a highly successful executive career in the corporate world, he has gone on to launch his own consulting practice in speaking, training and coaching clients to unlock the SUCCESS Code in both the personal development space and in the commercial world by helping teams and businesses meet and exceed their key goals.  Steve facilitates this through his own seven step process, having identified those critical 'source codes' of success and achievement. 


Considered by his clients as much more of a 'practitioner than a guru', he has been able to hone his methodology to the proprietary seven-step process referred to and is able to appreciate the many challenges such a path demands, and that the 'doing' is equally as important as the understanding both at individual and group level.


Now a best-selling author with Recipe for Success, his collaboration with Jack Canfield and others, and after much demand, his latest book, Unlock the SUCCESS Code: 7 Steps To Your Success in Life and Business is due for release in Summer 2019.  Steve is an accomplished keynote speaker, personal coach to several clients and is also delivering his material via group programmes, seminars and workshops, designed to help all attendees unlock the Code to their success.